Last Sunday, the Rugby Club Nitra and the Rugby Klub Bratislava has supported the newly created Rugby Klub Sal’a.

Adam and Denis leading the new rugby club based in a charming town named Sal’a (usually famous for his lake), now having his own rugby club. Of course, the creation until to a bigger size is a big gap, a lot of work, but it’s nice to find two lads interested in rugby and willing to handle it.

Nitra has supported strongly the first step for the creation of Rugby Klub Sal’a. Considering we didn’t get any external support.

2020 has been marked by the world wide pandemic, despite the struggle, 3 clubs have been created, and the last creation was RKB in 2015. A gap of 5 years has been erased.

Nitra beginning of the Spring 2020, Mikulas end of Spring 2020 with the support of Zilina, and now Sal’a ; it’s a great year of the rugby in Slovakia. We just hope clubs will stay alive and not shut down the doors as we have faced two clubs closing the gates in 2019 with Trnava and Kosice ; back in 2017 Bardejov has stopped as well. So at the end, on a long term perspective, the creation versus the losses, the balance remains negative in term of numbers and quality (’cause simply beginners must learn everything from scratch and all experiences are gone). Considering as well random statistics has been given to enhance the reality of the current active players in Slovakia, it’s always better to get back to the reality, stepping on the pitch, and work on the real development of rugby and the creation of the real rugby players.

We have started the warm up with basic drills, passes, kicks, positioning, rucking. It was important to give confidence to the newbies. The pitch was in good state and lovely cut (not as during the rugby league events far northern slovakia).

In the middle of the training, to entertain a way more and cut the routine from the basic drills, we discover the line out and mauls strategy. Everyone was delighted to learn something new, and despite the advanced exercises given, all the newbies were able to perform the line out and mauls after couple of rehearsing.

At the end of all drills, we have played a touch rugby, set with the rule the defender stepping down, knee on the ground, to put a defender down and given more space to the attack.

Tremendous first training, getting precious helped from Nitra who has learned all the shit out there, starting from scratch without support a new organization. It’s surely a team work, and everyone has set his contribution of this success.

The members of RKB are good examples for everyone, making effort to sacrifice their Sunday afternoon and spend money in transportation for the creation of a new rugby club in Slovakia.

Players and rugby enthusiasts: Adam, Denis, Ivan, Mat’o, Adam, Samo, David, Oriol, Charlie, Stella + photographer volunteer

Please contact managers of Sal’a rugby if you are interested in rugby:

Rugby Klub Šaľa

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