Make way for the first episode with the legendary essay written by the XV de France at Twickenham in 1991.
Blanco’s base

Let’s rewind the tape. It is March 16, 1991. In a packed Twickenham, the XV de la Rose faces the XV of France to win the Grand Slam. If the English managed to win (21-19), it was the French who were honored with an achievement described as “essay of the century”.

A test of more than 100m, started from the three-color end (11th minute), after a penalty missed by the back Simon Hodgkinson (3-0 in score, Editor’s note). Cheeky, the back Serge Blanco encourages Pierre Berbizier to play the blow after receiving the ball. The beginning of an incredible symphony, symbol of the “French flair”. Jean-Baptiste Lafond, Philippe Sella and Didier Camberabero, with his two legendary kicks, still take part in this action.

Most beautiful essay registered at Twickenham

At the conclusion? Wingman Philippe Saint-André. Yes, England won the match, but it’s this one that everyone has remembered. Even the English, themselves, who named this essay the most beautiful ever in Twickenham’s lair. This builds respect and demonstrates the impact of this action.

20 seconds of happiness, incredible accuracy. Everything is played to the millimeter, to perfection. 29 years later, it is still enjoyed with as much pleasure…