70m solo

The most beautiful essays in the history of rugby are collective actions. Alone, we are nothing in this contact sport where the presence of the teammate is essential. Difficult however to throw in the trash the exploits alone. That of Wesley Fofana in 2013 at Twickenham is one of those memories that remain, indelible.

This February 23, in front of 82,000 people, the Clermontois honors its 13th selection. Aligned for six wing matches, he asked coach Philippe Saint-André to put him in his favorite position: the center. Like a grown-up, Fofana will show that this is where he excels. In the 29th minute of the match, after a ball in the air recovered by Vincent Clerc and an exit by Yoann Maestri, François Trinh-Duc served Wesley Fofana 70m from the opposing in-goal. The start of a solo recital.
“This is my best essay”

After having torn the English curtain by successively escaping Courtney Lawes and Chris Ashton, the 25-year-old Clermontois puts the gas, signs a splash of anthology on Ben Youngs, resists the desperate return of Chris Ashton and rushes to flatten the 6th try of his career in Blue (out of 15, Editor’s note). Its most beautiful, for sure.

“This is my best try and it will remain at the end of my career,” said the man in 2015 before a preparatory match for the World Cup. Yes, he will stay. He is probably even the most beautiful of his entire career, he who stopped the Blues at the end of last year (48 caps in total, note). Note that on that day, the XV of France lost against England 23-13.

The XV of France against England in 2013: Huget; Cleric, Bastareaud (Fritz, 74th), Fofana, Fall; (o) Trinh-Duc (Michalak; 53rd), (m) Parra (Machenaud, 67th); Dusautoir, Picamoles, Nyanga (Claassen, 69th); Maestri, Samson (Suta, 65th); Mas (Ducalcon, 65th), Kayser (Szarzewski (56th), Domingo (Debaty, 56th).