Nedávno som vyskusala nieco, co som nemala v plane, sla som na trening rugby.

rening bol uzasny, velmi prijemna atmosfera, pohyb, zabava, fyzicke cvicenia, pre cele telo, a ciastocne sa hra, trenuje utok a obrana, nemusite sa bat, nezranite sa.

Ide o priatelske stretnutia, treningy su otvorene pre vsetkych, zaciatocnikov i pokrocilych. Pri zmiesanych treningoch, muzi, zeny, deti … hraci su ozaj ohladuplni a su jemni ku zenam.

Ak si zena alebo dievca, co ma rada pohyb a sport, prid sa pozriet, alebo vyskusat trening, budeme radi ked sa pridas.

Ak mate akekolvek otazky, kludne ma kontaktujte na

I recently tried something that I had not planned, I went to rugby training.

the training was amazing, very pleasant atmosphere, movement, fun, physical exercises, for the whole body, and partly the game, training attack and defense, you don’t have to worry, you won’t get hurt.

These are friendly meetings, trainings are open to everyone, beginners and advanced. In mixed training, men, women, children… the players are really hungry and they are gentle with women.

If you are a woman or a girl who likes movement and sports, come to see or try training, we would be happy if you join.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at