Indeed, we have recently been accepted as an observer.

Also, we started the adventure slowly in 2020 with small rugby league tournaments.

The most difficult for our development was the covid period, for two years.

It was difficult to keep players who feared for their health and that of the family. In addition, it was almost impossible to attract children to rugby, with the fear of contamination from parents.

The creation of the Rugby League in Slovakia was a real complication and bad timing. However, we had the chance to meet some amazing people.

Slovakia vs Poland – Rugby League Oct 2022

In October 2022, we had the chance to play our first national team match against Poland.

In view of the circumstances and the difficulties to develop, this match is really a miracle, on the general organization, the refereeing, and getting players able to play at this level.

Many thanks to our volunteer referee, Misa, who took care of the transportation costs and offered us his services.

What is most important to us is the development of rugby for children, the youngest and juniors.

Indeed, children are the future and to retain players, it is important to teach rugby as early as possible.

Indeed we had many adults trying rugby but not staying long.

To play rugby correctly it is necessary to play several years.

We would like to salute the two coaches of the national team of Slovakia for the selection of juniors: Lukas and Jozef.

Indeed, they are managers of Zilina Rugby Club, and fight every week to keep rugby alive in their city.

Thanks to many years of experience, a natural talent for coaching people, they lead and improve the Slovak youth rugby team.

The Slovak Rugby League is very active in schools to attract children, promote rugby, and share our passion.

We are associated with Slovak schools, English and French schools.

Thanks to qualified people and very strong partnerships, we have the possibility of attracting many children.

Kids love the simplicity of Rugby League rules. It’s all about play, speed, and accessibility.

Warm up Rugby academy Juniors Slovakia

The men’s teams in Slovakia play in the Czech Republic too, as the Rugby League is much better developed.

We are partners of Rugby League Hodonin, they have a strong experience of Rugby League, and a love of gameplay.

With the rugby 9s format, it is easy to establish a rugby team. Also, having 9 players is an ideal format: neither too few, nor not enough.

Thanks to these tournaments, we learned a lot about the organization, the level of rugby, the atmosphere, and meeting extraordinary people.

Rugby tournaments are an opportunity to test our performance, make new friends, share fantastic rugby moments.

Frequently we have rugby tours of foreign teams coming to Slovakia. It’s an opportunity to play social rugby, and to have a third half as intense as the match.

We are looking for partners, sponsors, social teams to come and play in Slovakia.

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