1 / How did you discover the RKB? and what were your impressions at the beginning?

I met Konstantin at medical school and by chance we came to rugby, I told him I wanted to start the sport and he told me where the training is, so I did my first training. around mid-October.
My first impression was good, there were people at this training and the atmosphere was good, the more experienced players like Konstantin or the coaches give good positioning advice etc, in short for a beginner a good frame that makes you want to come back. Of course the terrain is not as well lit as it is now and winter is coming, but for those who are motivated against the weather conditions, it’s cool! At this point the children’s workouts are separate from those of the adults, I think it was better that way, I talk about it below q.5

2 / Coming to Slovakia, what is your feedback on the level practiced here, but also in Vienna where you left ribs, a lung, and a foot?

So far I haven’t had the time to talk to French clubs, but playing friends came to Sk and told me that they weren’t surprised that there were few clubs in the country, seen the rankings of Slovakia in international tournaments. They were however surprised in a good way that a club frequented by expats and Erasmus exists, so much the better because Slovak is not an easy language to learn!
On the level of Vienna? Well in general Austria already has more of a reputation in the world of rugby, now Vienna in particular I don’t know.
AA Vienna (where I also left a good part of my liver, as well as a floral t-shirt that I appreciated very much, but where I won a superb RC Donau tie (Thanks to this superb Chilean guy who gave me it). offered), well what do you want it is the vagaries of the Austrian games) they had a good image of Slovakia on the field, although having a style a little “raw” they enjoy playing against us!

3 / Your best moments? on and off the field?

On the field, the first match of course, great sensations with RC Donau and especially against the winger, arrows!
When I discovered the fullback job on the job, I was super happy; it’s an exciting and very diverse position, really happy to have had this opportunity
In the locker room of course, the atmosphere of course before the match is unique and all the more so with friends like Andrew my roommate or with motivated coaches like Zulf
Of course I have always been very happy to listen to advice from guys like Rich who have the bottle and who explain constructively to you what needs to be improved, luckily!
The Aftermatch in Vienna was one of the only and the craziest, it was also there that I understood how much a rugby club can be a family, a group of friends and at the same time a sports club, it was great to see. The After matches with the English teams (which sadly I couldn’t play anyway ..) were also memorable, very good spirit and good ideas for Charlie for the future, weren’t they?

4 / How would you describe the values ​​of RKB? What did the club bring you?

Friendship, humility, friendliness, respect and openness to others and their cultures. I think that’s a great strength for this “international” club!

5 / What can you wish for the club this new 2018/2019 season? any ideas to improve the club?

What good things, new motivated and old who pass on their love of sport! Maybe more emphasis on placement and the basics of the game before jumping into matches on the weekend? I know I missed it and as a novice I sometimes landed in uncharted waters not knowing what to do.
Otherwise yes, separate child and adult training, not easy for the workforce but it is true that children are more playful and want to let off steam, where adults may have more desire to play sports, to be concentrated for improve with matches as goals