Could you please introduce yourself briefly?
My name is Ivan Palfy and I am a Rugby Nitra player. In addition to rugby, I do martial arts on a coaching and competitive level.

How did you get into rugby?
I was looking for an additional activity to martial arts. Last year on vacation, I met a South African rugby player, Ivan Bothu, who played in England and currently runs a club in Kiev. I started looking for rugby in my area and I came across Martin Mikláš, who had just founded a club in Nitra. I contacted him and since then rugby hasn’t let me go.

Based on your feelings, starting with rugby, after a few months of training and matches, what do you consider to be your biggest challenge?
When I started rugby, I thought the most important thing was good physics and brute strength. Today I know that rugby is much more than that. I consider the biggest challenge to be to understand the game in all positions down to the smallest detail. Develop your game thinking and at the same time know how to work well with the ball It is also very necessary to develop good reactions so that I know what is happening around me on the field and I can react correctly in time.

What do you consider to be the main benefits of rugby?
Rugby is physically demanding thanks to it, I am building a condition that I will not gain in any team sport. During the whole match I have to sprint, unexpectedly change direction, I fold my opponent and at the same time I fold myself. It’s an amazing sport that includes a combat aspect that is close to me as a psychological aspect. Rugby builds a strong will, determination and ability to never give up no matter what I do. Last but not least, thanks to rugby, I literally found a brotherhood of athletes who support each other.

What type of players is rugby suitable for?
The best thing about rugby is that it is suitable for any type of player. Whether you are poor and fast or hard and strong in rugby, everyone will apply.

You started the second club in Šala. What preceded this decision? Was this your previous experience at Rugby Nitra?
Yes, in Nitra we understood that it is really possible if we want to. It doesn’t even require a large subsidy. It is enough for determined and dedicated athletes who do not hesitate to get out of their comfort zone and decide to build something new. The main starter for me and Martin was that in Slovakia, despite 16 years of rugby, this sport is not widespread. At the same time, it is a cheap sport where the most expensive item is the human will and especially enough players. Of course, the second condition cannot be met without the first, so we intend to continue our efforts mainly thanks to the support of Rugby Klub Bratislava, who lead and support us.