The Rugby Klub Bratislava has hosted an Italian team in tour in Slovakia.

We have set a match 10s on XV rules, and face a very competitive team, fast and well organized against a Bratislava squad setting up a “real team” for the first time since the Corona period.

Thanks to the reinforcement from Nitra, despite facing last minute drops from some RKB lads, we were able to give our best on the second quarter and third quarter.

The first quarter was pretty complicated for us, with poor defense and bad organization in attack. 6 months without high competition shows high all the work to proceed to get back on track.

We must be thankful to our visitor from Stezzano team, very fair and supporting us, despite being the home team ; having couple of players in holidays during this summer time. Great mention to the Maori coach from Stezzano, helping Richy RKB coach making this day well organized, pleasant, with a lot of fun and pretty competitive level.

The third half, with a team in Tour in Bratislava, was once again very special and we had the chance to enjoy some Italian local vocal song. Also, we can be grateful with our RKB volunteers for preparing the barbecue, purchasing all neceassry goods, and the least pleasant duties after party for cleaning and tidy up the place.

All the work made the last couple of weeks for training, and preparing the event pay off and it’s a great reward for our club, struggling against the odds. Anyway, We are family, I got all my sisters with me, We are family, Get up everybody and sing, We are family, I got all my sisters with me, We are family, Get up everybody and sing.

If you are interested for a match in Bratislava + barbecue and drinks on Saturday, please contact us to any format possible (rugby XV, 15vs15, 12vs12, 10vs10).

Elav Rugby Club Stezzano

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