French Stereotypes We Won’t Even Try to Deny


Everyone hates to think of themselves as a stereotype but the French, just like any other nation, have their own quirks that make them uniquely French. While some stereotypes just aren’t true, there are some habits that many French people do actually have.

The French do eat croissants for breakfast
It is such a stereotype but the French only do sweet things at breakfast. That means that while lots of people eat toast with jam, many more eat croissants and pain au chocolat. It’s very hard to find anything else to have with your coffee in the mornings. We won’t complain – they are delicious.

They’re obsessed with bread
It’s true that the French are obsessed with bread. The stereotypical image of a Frenchman riding about on his bicycle with a baguette under his arm is very outdated and French bread is now super chic (as you can find it most places nowadays) but the French are still obsessed with it. There are at least ten different types of baguette in any French boulangerie (bakery). There is even specific etiquette for eating bread when at French dinner parties.

The French consume a lot of French culture
The French have a fantastic film industry, and one of the reasons is that it has the support of the people. France has the highest cinema attendance in Europe and as many as 60% of films consumed are French. It’s quite common to meet people who have no knowledge of any of the current Hollywood blockbusters but have recently visited their local cinema to watch the latest French offerings.

Everyone knows quite a bit about wine
France is famous for being one of the world’s top wine producers, and everyone in France seems to have their favourite type. Just under 60% of all alcohol consumed by the French is wine and most people know quite a bit about it – more than you might find in other countries around the world. Not surprising, as France has some amazing wine regions. It’s very close to their hearts.

And everyone loves some sort of cheese
The French are renowned for their cheeses, like brie and camembert. Companies like Boursin have been using the French ideal of cheese with bread and wine for years as a key way to advertise their products – and it works because it’s true, the French eat a lot of cheese. According to The Local, 96% of French people eat cheese, nearly 50% do so every day, and on average they consume a massive half a kilo (17.6 ounces) of cheese every week. That makes them the biggest cheese-lovers in the world.

They are an independent bunch
The French have a reputation for flouting the rules and being keenly independent; maybe something to do with a little thing called The French Revolution. They also raise their children a little differently. Children are encouraged to think for themselves from a young age and, as a result, are far more independent as adults.

With a very keen sense of style
With their independent spirit and mostly immaculate sense of style, everyone knows that the French are some of the coolest people on the planet. Look through any fashion blog and you’ll see posts on ‘How to dress like the French’, ‘How to have French hair’, etc. They look individual, different, and have an effortless sense of style. It would explain why everyone is obsessed with it.