Slavo, hooker of the Rugby Klub Bratislava, would like to review our gameplay for the next year. Indeed, he doesn’t understand why we don’t push the scrum as hell.

Slavo in sandwich mode
Slavo in sandwich mode

Slavo is playing for the Rugby Klub Bratislava since 2015, to the very beginning of the creation of the club. The first season, we have indeed contested scrum. However, after couple of falling scums, the general manager LaMachine decided to stop scrumming for a while, safety first.

Months later we have stopped scumming, Slavo had the great opportunity to play hooker with Piestany against Slovan. Sharing his experience with the rest of the RKB crew, he mentioned how disappointed he was for not competing like a real man: “You know, when I step on the pitch, it’s for getting respect. We have made enough uncontested scrum for more than 6 months already. When we go to Vienna, I see our opponents without fear into their eyes, cause we don’t push the scrum. In Piestany, no matter what, they keep pushing from the beginning to the end of the match, like real men, not like RKB scared like little babies. I am here to play hard rugby, and to push as hell.” But this attitude goes nothing against the choice of Richy, it’s simply his way of life, as he’s used to say “you know, back home, in my lovely halusky ghetto named Devinska Novaves, I got respect as well when I asked fresh beer to my wife. It starts from the fridge to the rugby pitch, and I will make in order it would happen.

Richy is facing a conflict of choices. Keeping the safety high with uncontested scrum, or facing the challenge with real scums: “Basically, at the end, players would have higher risk of injury falling down in the street after excess of slivovica, rather contesting scrums. As well, I would rather propose exercise to reinforce the neck, instead keeping uncontested scrum forever. Anyway, I have a spare wheelchair at home, not a big deal, my wife could give a hand, or two.” After all, Richy would have the last word, and assume the final decision: “Charlie is nice, but he can’t be a perfect player, and assistant trainer at the same time. Waiting for his pending decision will go nowhere, as we know French people were born with white flag“.

The Rugby Klub Bratislava has a scrum machine, where players can rehearse every week, thanks to Julius who build it “home made”, with all love and technical skills he has, and definitively wants the best for our club: “You know what you are, what you’re made of. Matches is in your blood, don’t fight it. God’s never gonna make that go away.