The Rugby Klub Bratislava has reached a new step in his development. Indeed, after getting very generous local sponsors, thanks to strong partnership with Slovak politicians (cf Richslav Gallaghersky), our club is moving forward with new facilities and budget.


The Rugby Klub Bratislava likes his players, and his players like their club.

But it’s not often, our players are suffering of high dehydration, and with such dry summer time, we had to find out some solutions to face the Danube level going down.

Every player paying in time his membership, training regularly every week, and playing matches get rewarded unlimited beers until the end of the season.


Why are we so generous ? because we believe players bring players, as much money brings money.

However, Jan Bacar has complained about this new benefit : ”That’s not fair, since I started rugby, I drink only vodu now, and step away from any alcohol. I am aiming to look and perform like LaMachine. I wish to compensate such disgrace with halusky”.

For sure, the club would find balanced deal and review this unexpected situation.