Vladimir Kubala 1978-2017 Former manager of the Slovak Rugby Union
Vladimir Kubala 1978-2017 Former manager of the Slovak Rugby Union

A year ago, our friend and manager of the Slovak Rugby Union left us.

Nobody could expect his departure, and we still regret what happened in May 2017, just after the season 2016/2017 rugby XV was finished.

Having a full filled career, personal life, and rugby life, it’s pretty complicated to resume his background.

He has a big heart, was committed hundred pour cent to all projects he was responsible for, and considered the same towards everyone in return. He didn’t accept and didn’t understand people giving up, specially in rugby.

I remember a general assembly in 2015, when globally the situation of the rugby in Slovakia was in stagnation in term of competition and numbers, Piestany was created in 2014, and RKB recently created in 2015. Vlado was pushing so hard for making the rugby in Slovakia bigger month after month, I personally took his energy and halo to motivate myself and push beyond my targets at the time ; thinking back them about the creation of a rugby XV league in Slovakia, which he accepted and worked hard on it.

Taking benefits of his actions even today, I still can’t believe he’s passed away a year ago, and missed so many beautiful fixtures that promising season 2017/2018.

He was a man without compromise, a stock of energy equivalent to a nuclear lounge, full of creativity, very well skilled in rugby, and in business in general. Friendly with most of the people, he helped everyone involved into rugby in Slovakia to feel comfortable and possibly to join the national team.

I wish the rugby in Eastern Slovakia keeps to be alive, having good memories with him when we went in 2010 in Bardejov to give a hand for the trainings to the newly club Bardejov created. So many memories we kept – involved with the RC Slovan, in the second division Czech league, also later on in Slovakia for our domestic fixtures. I had the opportunity, thanks to him, to be involved with the national team in a very high level competition, and discovered the ministry of sport in Slovakia during the official ceremony.

I am writing this in his memory, and also for anyone coming into rugby in Slovakia helping to understand the situation, how hard it is to make the rugby alive here, always on the edge and facing the risk to decrease, and disappear in some situations.

I might be wrong, I might be right, but let’s keep playing rugby together.