Rugby ragby Bratislava Slovakia
Rugby Klub Bratislava 17-43 Rugby Club Slovan Bratislava

Half time : 12 – 31

RKB started game slow. Range of players with various experience from first game to few more mature players.

First game of season had mixture of nervousness but also excitement from all players.

Slovan had advantage of size-able pack with some experienced players. First 15 minutes Slovan fully made good use of their advantage and scored some impressive tries.

RKB never looked down some impressive defense on their own line made Slovan work hard. BRK forced Slovan to attack wide.

Next 20 minutes RKB hard defense forced Slovan to pass which resulted in dropped balls by Slovan. In better field position RKB held ball scoring impressive try. RKB were not phased by scoreline and lifted , bigger forwards of Slovan appeared to be tiring.

BRK pressed forwarded to produce fantastic try from 10 phase play. BRK were more confident just before break scoring 3 unanswered tries. Slovan were not happy small disagreements with BRK players only made BRK young more hungry to play.
RKB started Second half just strong as last quarter. Very strong running from young player who said “I played rugby when I was 6 years old.” BRK player used speed and brilliance to put his team in strong field position.

He was only few metres from the line. BRK could not capitalize on break.
Slovan scored long range with luck a strong run. Slovan were too strong in scrums which put RKB on back foot.

This allowed Slovan to dominant field position. With some unlucky penalties Slovan used advantage and scored 2 tries. Due to pressure in scrums BRK prop suffered injury. Scrums uncontested.

RKB began to dominate field position. Slovan now on back foot were struggling to defend.

RKB were on full attack but time had run out.

Scoreline did not reflect true contest of the game. BRK showed grit and determination which Slovan respected. They knew they worked hard for the win.
Great defensive effort and true heart shown by team and captain who worked tirelessly during the game.

Great spirit of Rugby had been truly pleased today.

Richie – forwards coach

Played Wins Draws Losses GF GA Points
Slovan 3 2 0 1 106 58 12
Zilina 3 2 0 1 103 53 10
Piestany 3 1 0 2 65 127 6
RK Bratislava 3 1 0 2 67 103 5