Rugby Klub Bratislava - Rugby Club Leodiesnsian England
Rugby Klub Bratislava – Rugby Club Leodiesnsian England

Are you following the rugby in the TV? you barely know all the rules, teams, and famous rugby players. But when was the last time you have carry a rugby ball in your hands?

In Rugby Klub Bratislava, we give you finally the opportunity to get back to the real rugby, with true friends on the pitch, every Wednesday 18.00, and as well during the week-end when social sport event is organized.

No contact, no injury, the only risks are a lot of fun and meet true friends, on and off the pitch.

Touch Rugby – Laws of the Game Rugby Union

Our group is composed, for the Touch rugby, with juniors, ladies, and adult beginners. Far from the big hits you may watch on Youtube, during our Touch rugby training get a real chance to enjoy a session with a lot of runs, handling skills, and other drills where you can learn, and improve your technical and physical skills.

Get off your couch, make a real change on your life style by practicing the most friendly sport, come along with your best half, or some friends looking for an exotic sport for Central Europe and get back to work with very interesting stories to share at the coffee machine.

Run, breath, get tired, stretch, but enjoy yourself thanks to our Touch rugby, a place to meet people and make connection.

More details about the gameplay below.

Composition of the teams and replacements

  • The teams can be male, female or mixed.
  • Each team can consist of up to 14 players, of which 6 players can be on the field at any one time.
  1. To start the game; the attacking team must start with a tap from the middle of the field.
  2. The defending team must be back 10m for the start of play and after each touchdown.
  3. After a team scores the play begins again with a tap in the middle.
  4. The person who takes the role of (acting) half can cross the try-line but not score
  5. If the (acting) half is touched while possessing the ball it is a turnover. ROLL BALL.
  6. After being touched, the player touched must play the ball between their legs at the point of the touch.
  7. The attacking team continues play until they have had 6 touches or a playing offence has been committed.
  8. After being touched 6 times the ball is handed over to the other side. ROLL BALL.
  9. After touching the attacking player with the ball, all defending team members must retreat 5m.
  10. Ball to Ground: When the ball is dropped on the ground it is a turnover.
  11. Turnover: When the attacking side loses the ball to the opposition
  12. No control: When the ball is thrown, dropped, knocked on, in a touch. ROLL BALL.
  13. When someone is penalised their team must then retreat 10m.
  14. If the defending players do not retreat they are offside. PENALTY.
  15. If a touch is considered to be too strong. PENALTY.
  16. Offside: when the defending players have not retreated 5m. PENALTY.
  17. Forward Pass: When the ball is passed in front of the player who possessed the ball.PENALTY.
  18. Touch and Pass: When the person who is touched then passes the ball. PENALTY.
  19. Voluntary Rolled Ball or No Touch: When the player is not touched and rolls the ball between their legs. PENALTY.
  20. More than a Meter: the ball must not be rolled more than one meter. ROLLBALL.
  21. Shepherd or Obstruction: Obstructing a touch from the defending side. PENALTY.
  22. Deviation: When a defender changes their direction before retreating straight back 5m. PENALTY.
  23. For minor offences i.e. bickering with refs, shouldering, leg trips etc. the player will be sin binned without replacement (duration at the discretion of the referee). Foul play of any nature (the referee being the sole judge) will result in the offending player being sent from the field without replacement for the remaining duration of the game.

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