The trainings really paid off. The team got going as a team. There were some individual highlights as well. Especially Jesus drove the opponents crazy with his runs behind the defense. Both Stefano and Brice did great job in evading the defense and scoring too. The attack was strong with great performance in crowded space in front of the try line from Giacomo.

Our scrum-half Antoine had the game under control as the attacks started through him and together with his “twin” Anatolis they were among the pillars of the team.

RKB had some new guys in the team and they proved their worth. Florent was a valued player in charging through the opponent lines as was Aubin who stood his place until his unfortunate injury.

Boris was a valued pillar in scrums and as well made some good runs into opponents defense. Paul and James were reliable in lineouts and even won some opponent ones. Palo had an above average performance as well.

For Charlie, our invaluable captain, with his motivation no ball was lost. In the last game he was though rewarded red for his educational contribution to the game, explaining the late tackle rule to the opponent who will probably not forget his lesson.
Of course we cannot forgot Alex, Alki and Patrik who were missing in the second round but helped to lay the foundations of the victory in the first round.

Thanks to all, guys!


Slavo – President of RKB

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Pictures FB Bratislava Rugby inside 2nd round 1. liga Slovakia