I wasn’t sure what to expect from my first match in Slovakia but was surprised by the level of good play and respect by both Trnava and the visiting Slovan.
There was a large group of spectators to watch as both teams entered the field of play and as the referee blew the whistle to start the game, both sides were excited about the coming 80 minutes of frantic play. The first quarter went quickly as both sides traded tries, penalties and a number of hard hits. As the first half completed, the Slovan had developed a well-earned lead but the game was still close as both sides came back on for the second half. The Trnava team continued to soak up the Slovan pressure but were hit with some late tries which put the game out of their reach.
This game was a credit to the developing Slovakian rugby scene as featured two evenly balanced sides, excellent standard of refereeing and leaving the spectators entertained.

by James – assistant manager of RKB

I was very pleased to put into the wild the best members of RKB : Arek, Giacomo, James, Boris, Brice, and myself. Playing with Trnava helps their squad to counter the Slovan, and at the same time, it gave us an opportunity to play more and to learn deeper the Rugby XV style. In the future, we expect to continue on the same dynamic and I truly believe this promotion will serve Slovakia to welcome new players, seniors and juniors.

Charlie – manager of RKB




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