After we have met in Cunovo to get our equipments, the players and the staff went down to the pitch to talk about our strategy for the rugby match against Rugby Club Donau.

Excitement and happiness at the lunch time moved to some stress and pressure before the match. The warm up started softly with a kicking session, whilst the rest o the group rehearsed basic drills together


The first half was a bit confused for both teams, many turn over due of knock on. Scrum, scrum, scrum, it could be a resume of this period. Strong defense from the SK team, under pressure few times inside their 22m, but holding the line for not conceding any points against RC Donau. RC Donau could get benefit of few mistakes and penalties in their favor, for kicking to the goal. Unfortunately for them, the scrum half was too slow to make the right decision and they decided to kick out for the line out.

The second half, still balanced between the two teams, showed a slightly advantage to the SK team. Thanks to the individual skills of some players, they were able to score 3 tries (Dan x1, Antoine x2). RC Donau deserved their only try, after standing long minutes in front to the try zone. SK team got a yellow card for an obvious off side position, and RC Donau used this opportunity to finally score.

Final score : Slovakia U18 21 – 7 Rugby Club Donau

U18 group vs RC Donau

Juniors Slovakia U18 vs RC Donau March 2016 Highlights



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Juniors Slovakia U18 vs Rugby Club Donau

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