For the second year, Henkel will participate to the development of rugby in Bratislava. Providing a financial support to RKB, it will serve to buy rugby equipments as shield and tackle bag,  which are quite expensive. Starting few months ago with the rugby school, we have welcomed many juniors, who will participate at the European U18 championship in Andorra.

Once again, thanks for the participation of Henkel, who made a positive impact on the sport education in Bratislava.

“Henkel supports the volunteer projects of its employees and retirees through the ‘Make an Impact on Tomorrow’ (MIT) initiative. MIT projects related to education and science, health and fitness, art and culture, and social issues and the environment are especially encouraged. Employees and retirees can apply for donations in kind or product donations for their specific project, or for special paid leave for time-consuming voluntary engagements.”

“The volunteer projects that Henkel supports through MIT are as diverse as the company itself and its some 47,000 strong workforce: restorations of local children’s playgrounds, support of volunteer fire departments for youngsters, refurbishing village homes in the mountains of Guatemala, construction of houses for needy families in Cambodia, building kindergarten in Serbia, provision of teaching materials and construction of sanitary facilities at two schools in Nigeria or voluntary work as a soccer youth coach. These are just a few examples of the impressive MIT projects that have been initiated throughout the world.”

“The purpose of the MIT Initiative is to promote the social involvement of Henkel’s employees and retirees throughout the world. By supporting their employee’s social engagement Henkel sees important benefits. Better teamwork, greater motivation in their job and closer identification with their employer are just some of the positive results that volunteers report. Furthermore the volunteers play a pivotal role as a link between Henkel and its social environment. They are “ambassadors” for Henkel and its corporate culture.”

Charlie – manager RKB

Rugby Bratislava