For the first match of RKB, we’ve played against Zilina Rugby Club, just before the event of the General Assembly, attended at the same place.

We have travelled by train, to get to the pitch at 11.30 am. Changing room was not available, and we had to change outside, but the spirit was great, and we thank Michal who bought water for us, because it was not access to current water at this place.

The pitch was smaller than usual, but in somehow, better for our new squad. 15 players come for this event, but Trnava decided to stand as spectator, and Lukas proposes to refer the match (which was great). We are glad to get benefit of the reinforcement of Piestany Rugby Club, and Gaelic Football club.

Our Scrum was our weakness, Zilina had such a strong boys, and also we made some handling errors like forward passes, and knock on. Placements were a bit random, and definitively a thing to improve at the next training. Our line out was good, and combination proposed interesting.

The gameplay was open, and we accelerate during the second match, while playing quickly penalties. I regret our opponents were few times off side, and falling down in the rucks. Except those details, we can improve, the general atmosphere was great and Zilina give us a wonderful opportunity to prepare the future official rugby 7s league.


RKB Zilina with score

Rugby Bratislava