Introduction to the Rugby Klub Bratislava

1/ Creation

  1. Being independent and sharing our knowledgeDuring my short career, I’ve been getting used to being independent and facing challenges. Keeping this fighting spirit, I had the feeling this year 2015 it would be possible to create a second rugby club in Bratislava. After playing rugby for 13 years and 5 years in Slovakia, I deeply believe my destiny is to successfully develop this project. What’s better than meeting people and having friends, whilst using my knowledge about rugby, and sharing my passion?
  2. The motivation of foreignersCompared with the rest of Slovakia, Bratislava (a city of more than 500,000 citizens) has the unique opportunity to welcome a massive influx of foreigners every year. Some foreigners may know rugby in some way or another and are looking for social integration in a place when they might feel lonely following their arrival. I want to catch them, even if they stay for a year or less. They might bring good gameplay, motivation, sponsorship and organization skills. At the same time, Slovak people could learn the sport easily whilst spending time with new friends. It’s a type of European exchange.

2/ Vision

  1. Focus on teaching rugbyThe future of Rugby Klub Bratislava will be developing a rugby school, and welcoming all kinds of personalities. There is a position for everyone in rugby: fat, skinny, tall, short, black, white, grey, brown, and even French from Dijon. Some would be motivated mainly by competitions, others only by attending trainings to get fit and healthy. It’s possible to mix them all, and it’s required to succeed for increased turnover each session. Kids are our future; the parents could bring stability and emotional support.
  2. Having a cosmopolitan rugby life. As a French expat in Bratislava, I can’t forget where I’m from and my customs. Honestly, I’ve missed the social part in rugby, after training and competition, when I went with my friends watching a rugby match, eating at a barbecue with a few drinks – talking about life and chicks. Those moments made us closer and broke the ice with people we meet. Bratislava is not Slovakia, as Paris is not representative of France. Everyone must accept this cosmopolitan life. After all, rugby is a sport that was invented in England. The more we become tolerant and open, the more we may succeed to get an amazing and heavily populated rugby squad. What would be better than to finish a training session with a 15 vs 15 match.

3/ What we propose

  1. Cheap access to rugbyRugby is and will be always a popular sport. We don’t want to pretend it is part of being in a high society. The access must be easy to get in, cheap to train, and fun to play. I’ve pushed myself and the RKB management (included Chris, Alexandre, and Dai) to find a good pitch location, for a fair price, with basic equipment to provide high quality training. We have succeeded! Now, we put all of our energy into the communication, to attract any new players – beginners and veterans.
  2. Being engaged in a real rugby schoolThroughout our lives, we never stop learning. This is the idea of a rugby school, created for kids, but not exclusively. It must be open for adults too who are willing to learn and ready to push themselves to improve their skillsets. Also, adults could take this time to discover this sport peacefully. Thanks to this „process“, I expect a long term commitment. This rugby school will bring a new spirit to everyone, making us understand that the first fight is away from the pitch. We should never forget that when we attract kids, we reach parents who like to help, and they bring their network of sponsorship and friends.

My motivation today is the consequence of meeting a clever English rugby veteran, Terry Purton. In November 2014, we founded a rugby club in Piestany. Leaving the keys of the club to the Citizens of Piestany, I knew we must trust good, local people to succeed. Otherwise, we might be alone struggling to organize events and trainings. By delegating responsibilities, it helps us to release the pressure and get more results. For better creativity, two heads are always better than one. It is the essence of team and community spirit.

Rugby Zdar A lonely stranger in Bratislava Charles CIMETIERE, alias Charlie Rugby Zdar

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