The facts would have lasted from 2011 to 2017, until the complaint of the president of the Franche-Comté rugby committee at the time. After the purchase of a luxury car by its then treasurer suspected of embezzling more than 200,000 euros in total from the committee’s accounts. The investigation is still ongoing.

The former treasurer of the regional rugby committee of Franche-Comté would have happily served himself in the coffers … This septuagenarian from Jura, former general insurance agent in Morez, would have embezzled more than 200,000 euros for his profit! The facts date back to the period 2011-2017, the date of the filing of a complaint by the former boss of the Franche-Comté oval who had discovered suspicious movements on the accounts of the regional committee and in particular this invoice of 20,000 euros paid to a garage in the North of France, for the purchase of a luxurious car: an Audi TT, second-hand, of course, but 20,000 euros spent directly via the account of the Franche-Comté rugby committee despite everything … The president at the time, elected less than a year earlier, then asked his famous treasurer to explain this personal purchase, before filing a complaint and dismissing him!
False invoices presented to the accountant

Because by going through the committee’s accounts since the beginning of 2017, other curious banking operations had been noticed. And the little merry-go-round had even lasted for 6 years already, since this former general insurance agent had taken up his duties as treasurer of Franche-Comté rugby. The investigators combed through the bank statements of the regional committee, his former treasurer but also his daughter, over this entire period 2011-2017, to finally arrive at these more than 200,000 euros embezzled in total. During all this time, the famous treasurer would in fact have managed to slip through the cracks by producing false invoices, presented to the accountant who controlled the management of the funds of the regional rugby committee …

The investigation is still ongoing today – for breach of trust, forgery and use of forgery – after a request for additional investigations in April 2021, indicates the public prosecutor of Lons-le-Saunier.