1/ Why do you like rugby and join our rugby club?

Rugby always seemed interesting sport to me. I always waned to try it bun never had an opportunity to do that. When I moved to Bratislava I was really happy to join the team and I think it was worth. Rugby is a good sport for general physical development. Trainings are really entertaining.

2/ What do you think difficult technically?

It was difficult to get used do rugby rules and the handling of the egg-shaped ball, what was completely new for me.

3/ How is your assumption about physical strength about rugby needed?

Even if typical rugby players are usually are muscular and well built, I am the living proof that everyone can start everyone can start their adventure with rugby.

4/ How would you describe the atmosphere during the trainings?
The atmosphere during training sessions is a definite advantage of the club. Everyone is extremely friendly and ready to help you. What makes you feel part of the team.