With the post Corona situation, championships cancelled, and organizations shacked, the events planned and calendar have been impacted.

However, it helps managers to think deeper for new solutions and developing rugby around with the possibilities giving with the actual criterias.

In order to keep playing, and getting motivation high during the trainings, the Rugby Klub Bratislava propose a Rugby Development XV, under reduced teams limited squad (5vs5, 7vs7) on a half size pitch ; with rugby league format.

The goal is not to challenge the XV purpose or existence, but in opposite to give a tribune through a format of matches easier to organize for promoting rugby and getting more players to set a full squad XV.

Simply contact us if you wanna set any competition under those formats, for filling up the gaps during the off season, in case like us you might be short with numbers. This format is dedicated to new players and medium players.

The social part if important too, with after match barbecue party with meals, beers and other soft drinks.