CORONAVIRUS – EUROPEAN CUPS – For the time being, the date for resumption of competitions has not been set. An optimistic scenario could make it possible to complete the Top 14 in suitable conditions, before the teams concerned move on to the European Cup. The only snag: the president of the LNR judges the hypothesis “not very credible” …

If Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced Saturday evening the closure “until further notice” of all “places receiving the public not essential to the life of the country”, the world of rugby should not forget to floor on all assumptions , even the most optimistic. This is why the happiest hypothesis fixed by the LNR concerns a resumption of competitions at the end of April. Even though President Paul Goze himself said he thought it was “not very credible that all the measures were lifted at that time.”

The fact remains that the working hypothesis does exist. And that in this scenario, the initial goal of playing the championship semi-finals on the scheduled dates could somehow be achieved. But at what cost ? Several hypotheses exist, again … The most obvious would be, first, to play four to five games on weekdays. But at present, another solution seems to hold the cord, which would consist in seeing the European competitions during the summer, which would make it possible to recover for the account of the championship the dates of the quarters, semi and finals.

“We are studying all the possibilities, told us in the evening of Saturday someone close to the file. We notably noticed that the Vélodrome stadium in Marseille (where the European Cup finals were to be held on May 22 and 23, Editor’s note) could possibly be free in July. But this is only one of several working hypotheses for the moment… We can only really move forward when we know a little more about the evolution of the epidemic. “