The Rugby Klub Bratislava must cancel all events this week end, where should take place the match men XV against Budapest, and women 7s tournament with Slovakia, Budapest, Graz.

Due to this emergency, all sport events are banned for a period of two weeks, until further informations.

More of the employees have received the order to stay home, when possible, forcing undefined Home office. Safety and health care are more important than matches, after rugby is just a game.

The season is long, and we hope this global world wide situation would be solve quickly, with higher temperature coming the following days.

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Please find further informations from the Slovak Spectator:

An emergency situation will apply for all of Slovakia as of Thursday, March 12.

“We do not want to wait until the situation worsens,” PM Peter Pellegrini told the press conference on Wednesday evening.

The emergency situation means the state can issue orders without the need to follow long bureaucratic deadlines. Pellegrini explained the state can, for example, enforce supplies of goods and services in the territory of Slovakia.

“If we know that medical goods are located in companies in Slovakia and the companies are planning to export it, we can order them to sell it to the state and not to export,” PM explained, adding that they are not planning to nationalise any goods but rather purchase them.

The crisis staff will meet again on Thursday morning to decide on closing all schools around the country for 14 days. Another measure they are pondering is to oblige all the people arriving to Slovakia from abroad to be quarantined.

Currently, only those arriving to Slovakia from Italy, China, South Korea and Iran are required to stay at home quarantine for 14 days.

Interior Minister Denisa Saková added they will also discuss the opening hours of the state offices, as the ministry has recorded a rapid increase in visits to its contact centres in recent days.


Coronavirus in Slovakia updates

  • Slovakia now has ten confirmed coronavirus cases. Read more updates on the coronavirus in Slovakia from the morning of March 11.

  • The government decided to declare an emergency across Slovakia starting Thursday, March 12.

  • The crisis management team will meet at the Interior Ministry at 11:00 on March 12. They are to discuss the closing of all schools in the country.

  • The Association of Hospitals of Slovakia, the Slovak Chamber of Dental Practitioners and the Slovak Chamber of Pharmacists complained about the lack of protective equipment. Pharmacists added the situation in pharmacies may soon be critical.

  • The government agreed that the Administration of State Material Reserves of the Slovak Republic will receive funds to purchase some equipment, including mechanical ventilation. Laboratories, in which coronavirus samples are tested, will receive support as well.

  • The firm Zornica has begun to produce masks and silver masks with an antibacterial layer.

  • Not only the police but also the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic will secure public order. The government approved a proposal to assign up to 500 soldiers each day to this purpose.

  • Due to the coronavirus outbreak, members of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic deployed in special missions are serving on the Slovak-Czech border crossing of Makov/Bílá-Bumbálka. (TASR)


  • A funeral home, run by the capital of Bratislava, is offering a new service due to the coronavirus. It will deliver flowers to funeral services and burial places to reduce the number of people at funeral services. (TASR)

  • Comenius University and the Slovak University of Technology, both in Bratislava, will close their dormitories from March 13. This will not concern foreign students.

  • The public broadcaster RTVS will broadcast more children’s programmes after many kindergartens and schools stayed closed due to the virus.

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