Training methods have changed (GPS trackers etc) but structure is still same. (Professional Rugby union is similar set up). Professional teams will have a Manager, deals with organisational issues and business development. Not involved in training, but players contracts, hiring coaches & staff etc. Head coach and assistant coach. Doctor or doctors. Physiotherapist. Nutritionist. Training staff 2-3 members.


Year is broken down into 3 parts Preseason. Rugby season. Off season. First we’ll look at the Rugby season Normally 23 weeks of games (22 games played 1 week off). Teams with most wins/points go to final play offs, extending number of games. Losers get to start Off season. FIVE training sessions per WEEK with ONE REST day & of course Game day on 7th Day. Note: First graders will train twice a day due to FACT it’s they’re full time job. Reserve grade most players still had full time jobs outside of rugby. Games can be Saturday or Sunday, Finals games can be Friday night. Start from Sunday: GAME DAY. Monday: DAY ONE Training after the game. Injury Management/Rehabilitation & Recovery session. Most players carry small injuries during season. Normally players are required to fill out self assessment form. Club physiotherapist & doctors will check injuries. Assess your ability to train or play. Example minor tear in rotator cuff of shoulder , player would be rested from upper training exercises, like boxing circuits. Might be allowed to play next game, depending on player passing assessment. While players take turns getting doctor’s assessments, players will have Rehabilitation and Recovery session. Normally swimming and aqua jogging followed by stretching session total time of 2 hrs.


DAY 2 Tuesday. 2 hrs.
Team Performance & Improvement session.
Coaches will assess performance from game day. This includes statistics on team and individuals, number of tackles, metres gained, tackles missed etc.
Recognition of efforts of high performance players of the game.

This can be bad 😭 or good😁 training session.
GOOD training session , you’ve last WON game but certain skill needs to be improved on.
Too many handling errors, it will be light session focused on catch passing drills.

BAD training session , you’ve LOST last game & tackling skill needs to be improved on.
Too many missed tackles by the TEAM, it will be hard fitness session focused on tackling drills.
(Sometimes you wish you were injured)

DAY 3 Wednesday. STAMINA (fitness) session. 2 hrs Maintaining fitness of from 12 week preseason, players returning from injuries pushed for assessment of their fitness levels. DAY 4 Thursday. SKILLS sessions. 2 hrs. Focus on certain drills . Generally light session. Head coach will speak about strategy that he wants deployed in the next game with the team. Example Focus on attacking certain side of the field, he make think opposition are weak defensively on one side. Defensive strategy may mean strong tackling in middle of the field due to larger forward pack etc. Friday DAY 5 Captain’s run. 1hr. This is team run carrying out coach’s strategy with shields held by reserves and other coaching staff. To ensure that all players are clear and have ability to carry out strategy required for next game. Note: this session maybe cancelled or very light due to games can be Saturday or Sunday

Saturday REST DAY. Sunday GAME DAY again……… Note: During rugby season did not have STRENGTH training sessions. This was preferable in Off season period.

From a random Kiwi from Aukland