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Tobie de Klerk says he was glad to see his son wearing his South African flag underpants in the Springbok change room after they had won the World Cup.

The underpants have since become as much of a Faf trademark as his long blond hair, with several fans spotted wearing them during this week’s Trophy Tour around the country.

‘I was just happy he wasn’t naked,’ Tobie told the Sunday Times when asked about the underpants. ‘If you go into a change room you are lucky to find people with any clothes.

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‘Those underpants are his talisman,’ Tobie added, ‘he wears them for every game. Some other guys were also in their undies, but they didn’t go and greet [Prince] Harry. It just shows you how confident the boy is.’

Tobie admitted his son’s flowing blond locks used to bother him as he is a ‘conservative guy’ but ‘we see too little of him to worry about something so trivial. It does nothing for his rugby and doesn’t change who he is as a person’.

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Faf’s mother, Corrie, added: ‘I have always liked his hair long, and before school I kept it long at the back like MacGyver.

‘He doesn’t spend hours in front of the mirror faffing with his hair. He just washes it and blow-dries it and then he’s off.’

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