Rupeni Caucaunibuca

”One of rugby’s most entertaining players, Rupeni Caucaunibuca, was raised in one of the world’s most remote and isolated villages in Fiji. With no education, and no support mechanisms to help Pacific Islanders, Rupeni was ill-equipped to deal with his meteoric rise to stardom.

Now retired, Rupeni currently lives in his village with little means of income. After inspiring and entertaining so many of us through his career, We invite the Rugby Family to help us give Rupeni a 2nd chance, to turn his life around, and to give his story the positive ending that it truly deserves. Pacific Rugby Players Welfare ( is a not-for-profit organisation that works with over 400 Pacific Island rugby players worldwide, providing them the support, advice & skills they need to thrive, both during and after their rugby careers. To help him realise his dream of starting a village business that will support him and his family, PRPW and Rupeni will be working with The Earth Care Agency, a local Fijian company who specialise in setting up organic, sustainable community businesses.”