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The Slovak team has been defeated by Bulgaria at home. After a thrilling match, Bulgaria took advantage over Slovakia to win a tight match 24 to 36.

It was close for 80, where Slovakia left the pitch at the half time with a light advantage 17 to 16. However, Bulgaria was often on the edge to take the lead, where a try has been refused before the break.

The match was hold during a warm weather (finally, after such a long wet weather in Central Europe), where the quality of the gameplay improve somehow thanks to the conditions comparing to last year against Cyprus. The two teams were balanced, but Bulgaria had a dominant scrum over Slovakia to put pressure. Line out was good, but nothing very creative from both side. Due to the lack of cardio on the second half, the Slovak squad gave more space to Bulgaria fo playing into the gaps. Close to the try zone, Bulgaria was heavy enough to score during the money time.

That’s pity Slovakia didn’t get a precious victory for a home match, in front of Piestany fans. Bulgaria gave opportunities for the Slovak squad to catch up to the score, with couple of missing kicks to the goal. Finishing with 14 players the last couple minutes, the sentence was given and it was hard to come back. With a fail interception from a Slovak back, dropping the ball to a knock on, the referee has applied the rule for fool play, cutting the bulgarian action inside the 22m, close to score a try.

A lot of regrets left on the pitch once again, despite improving the gameplay, but not the efficiency.

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Po sľubnom a veľmi vyrovnanom prvom polčase, v ktorom naši chlapci viedli tesne 17:16, nám v závere zápasu chýbali dôležité sily, a to sa prejavilo aj na výsledku. Konečný výsledok tak skončil v prospech Bulgarian Rugby Federation – officiel 36:24. V neposlednom rade by sme sa chceli poďakovať hráčom, trénerom, rozhodcom, delegátom, dobrovoľníkom, partnerom a samozrejme fanúšikom, ktorí prišli podporiť našich reprezentantov 👍🏉 – Slovak Rugby Union