Robin – new assistant rugby trainer

Robin - during our last match Stade de Vienne vs RKB
Robin – during our last match Stade de Vienne vs RKB
The Rugby Klub Bratislava is pleased to welcome a new assistant rugby trainer.
Robin has joined our team last season, playing as a flanker.
Committed to attend all trainings or almost, he feels ready to provide additional trainings during the week, as our great main manager LaMachine can’t split himself in two pieces all the time.
We are satisfied someone taking the lead and proposing new rugby sessions, giving more opportunities to the people to train, depending of their professional schedule. As well, individually, he’s focused and well physically prepared, giving example to some lazy asses who don’t make effort for individual preparation. Indeed, more than half of our squad can’t run 80 mn, as we don’t have a bench, we are struggling to perform the whole match. I wish Robin would inspire the beginners and lazy monkeys to improve their rugby skills, and give motivation to the couch potatoes to improve their physical conditions as well (but miracle happens once every century).