Zulf Hyatt-Khan - Business Today Slovakia
Zulf Hyatt-Khan – Business Today Slovakia

”A brand new English-speaking show exclusively for TABLET.TV exploring the world of business in Slovakia focusing on industry leaders.

Presented by Zulf Hyatt-Khan (GB) the inaugural show features acclaimed local business leader Todd Bradshaw, Chief Operating Officer for Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) for Central and Eastern Europe and President of the American Chamber of Commerce Slovakia (Amcham).
The show centers on the challenges presented to the economy, the major reforms that have seen Slovakia move forward since 2004. There is an in-depth analysis into the over reliance on automotive industry and new sectors currently emerging to help boost the economy, with expert commentary on artificial intelligence and its advantages and disadvantages.”


Source: BUSINESS TODAY: President of Amcham Slovakia the First Guest of a Brand-New Show