It’s funny to get people asking if in rugby we get paid. It might happen in Western Europe, or in Central Europe, and it’s amazing how people perceive amateur sport.


In Rugby Klub Bratislava, as any amateur club, is facing monthly costs for pitches, equipments, referee and medic.

As any club, we are far to propose financial reward to the players, and even worse making access for free as we have met this situation last season with couple of Erasmus, willing to spend hundred of euros in a pub, traveling, hostels, but hardly picking up the wallet and participate to the general costs of any sport organization.

However, Miro, our top player wish to push in that direction, leading greatly the trainings and team during our games. He’s got all physical strength and his experience in rugby is so needed, for example when he teaches to beginners basics of rugby : ”Giuseppe, what are you doing ?? run straight! Come on Giuseppe, take the gap between the two players as if you are with…”.

We love amateur sport and family sport organization. Join us!