The Rugby Klub Bratislava will play this Saturday agains the French team of Vienna Austria. It’s the first fixture between the two clubs, after competing already against the two other clubs of Vienna, which are Celtic and Donau.

Stade de Vienne vs RK Bratislava - XV friendly match
Stade de Vienne vs RK Bratislava – XV friendly match

Saturday 10th November 2018, Kick off 14.00

The Rugby Klub Bratislava is pleased to play a match against the last remaining team never met so far.

Our adult trainers have lead the Bratislava squad this season pretty well with Richy and Zulf, and thanks to a squad reinforced with new faces, we expect something even better than before.

We are pleased also about the warm communication from Stade de Vienne, particularly Julien dealing with the adult squad of Stade, Gael proposing World rugby trainer courses in two weeks (for our active members Slavo, Julius, Giacomo, Jonathan), and Pascal President of the Stade de Vienne.

This fixture was possible thanks to the partnership also of the children, competing in Vienna, and creating bridges between the two capital cities.

Our intentions, going to Vienna this week-end, is to gain experience, and improve our gameplay.