Palo has been in our club since the very first training, in May 2015. He has attended as well most of matches and trainings for the last 3 years. More than an amazing player, a very good member.

Robocop wallpaper hd
Palo and his inimitable style

Robocop style

Unfortunately, Palo got accident in the street and injured his legs, causing heavy damages. Having metal plate inside his legs, he’s bipping every time he cross magnetic controls at he cashier in Tesco. But the good thing, he’s now unbreakable.

Thanks to his wooden legs, he has incredible style on the pitch, and always use this excuse when he drops the ball. However, many others would stop any contact sports for long, and Palo still in the business since 2015 and the very first trainings of RKB.

The fastest

Palo is possibly our fastest player on the pitch, it’s pretty hard to catch him, specially when he runs side way, alone straight to the touch line.


Writting a book:

A book is under preparation about his life. As he’s used to explain to us all details of his amazing slovak life, he decided to make the buzz with a book related to this simple slovak life, and hopefully hits the charters. Planting potatoes in the garden, preparing the carrots, then going to the celebration of the school where he went, and where he was employee, swimming in the cold water deep during the winter time… and so on. As well, we have the opportunity to follow his leg operation each time he must go to the hospital, on the RKB forum.

The big blue

Palo is a big fan of the movie The bug blue. No wonder why he tries to rehearse himself for a deep dive, during each group picture.


Always ready for action

Palo is probably the fittest player in our squad. Easy for him, in his village, there is nothing to do, except drinking alcohol or doing sport for free at the street work out.

26170574_2059186944098508_6791823599538708595_o (1).jpg
Always promoting the RKB, with a RKB cap in the sexiest position ever
Look that beast, no wonder why our opponents get scared

Rugby, more than a sport

Rugby is a sport contact, and for Palo every maul is an opportunity to test his abilities.

Palo always ready for actions