Julius Kompas has joined the Rugby Klub Bratislava in 2016, after watching the rugby Olympic games at the Slovak TV. He wanted some excitement in his Slovak life and get the most electrifying club in Central Europe.

Julius Kompas big smile for his favorite zadarno activity
big smile for his favorite zadarmo activity, and used to say “gratis je život”

Julius is a sportsman, always pushing himself to get fitter and stronger. But the most important is to enjoy fee activities as hiking. It’s true, Slovak people like hiking, because eventually it’s healthy, nice to walk into the wild, seeing wonderful landscape… but they don’t admit i’ts free – zadarmo. The zadarmo choice is not innocent, every real and pure sto percent Slovak chase every single opportunity to enjoy free activities. More than a mindset, a way of life.

Julius Kompas in full action
Julius Kompas in full action

Player of the Rugby Klub Bratislava, Julius Kompas is flanker, jumper and one of the best tackler. Learning rugby lately and not getting benefit of the rugby school as many expats, he faced the challenge to be competitive in only two years. Handyman, father of two kids, and dishes cleaner of a Slovak wife, he has managed a dark private room at home to train and reinforce his muscles. Watching often Charlie La Machine as a reference, he’s dreaming about him and know which direction to take every time he’s lifting his two kilos weights.

Julius Kompas at the time when he need shampoing to stay fresh
Julius Kompas at the time when he needed shampoing to stay fresh

At the time, Julius was highly influenced by american pop culture, and The Backstreet Boys was his favorite band (still today). He recognized today saving 1 hour per day for not brushing his hair, giving him more space to watch Slovak news and read Nový Čas.

The Backstreet Boys
The Backstreet Boys – his favorite band, and had a crush for Nick Carter

Leaving in Petržalka was for him an evidence: it’s well located, friendly environment with very local hooligans, and above all cheap (barely zadarmo). Even sometimes he smells some vanilla flavors from Slovnaft, for him it’s in a place to be.

For Julius Kompas sometimes friendship is more than just having friends... and he got a second family in RK Bratislava
For Julius Kompas sometimes friendship is more than just having friends… and he got a second family in RK Bratislava

Julius has been often very closed to his friends, and in Rugby Klub Bratislava, we share the same passion. Always in the center of the attention, Julius supports the club for the marketing, producing logos, stickers, shirts, caps.