Giuseppe Porcaro has been in the Rugby Klub Bratislava since the very beginning. However, we didn’t realize his high value until he got strong offers worth as much as gold on the Frankfurt stock exchange. Finally, we’ve discovered some secrets of the best player in Slovakia.

Even two players can't stop Giuseppe Porcaro, no wonder he's so wanted on the Slovak rugby market
Even two players can’t stop Giuseppe Porcaro, no wonder he’s so wanted on the Slovak rugby market

1/ Dear Giuseppe, what’s your secret of such strength?

To hate someone or something, at random, turn on the internal engine. Lastly I have it with the French brothers of my team. Be careful, Charlie. Then of course, eating so much Pasta, the real one made in Gragnano. Periodically from home my mother sends me a package full of Italic delicacies and real Pasta. She is the keeper of my strength.

2/ What’s your special nutrition during the week and before a match?

Besides the pasta, my nutrition involves a mixture of different proteins: Mozzarella di Bufala Campana D.O.P., Milza alla salernitana (spleen), Salsiccia e Friarielli (better if on pizza) and Dulce de Leche argentino. Once a year, for a month, I follow a special diet directly in South America: I eat only beef (asado) 4 times a day, accompanied by Malbec wine. For this period, the trusted nutritionist is my father-in-law.

Mozzarella di Bufala Campana
Mozzarella di Bufala Campana

3/ How does it feel to be so wanted on the Slovak rugby market? is it like the New York stock exchange, you wait the price raise up?

It’s fantastic! This allowed me to deal with the RKB membership fee and to have all you can eat and drink for the team BBQs for free. In addition, during training sessions are dispensed from the cardio session, I only participate when there is a crash against the defense. Lately, I prefer to crash against fellow French defenders.

4/ What does it mean to you to eventually own and drive a Trabant

I tried to drive one in Berlin. DAS AUTO! In Bratislava they are a rarity, I have not seen many. I’ve already hired Palo, Julius and Slavo to get one, even without documents in order, the important thing is that it should be green pea. I trust in my Slovak friends of the RKB, they have a long experience in the black market both during and after socialism and in other illegal activities that it is better not to mention in this interview. They are good guys and like me they dream of giving a Trabant to every teammate.

A real car to spend good time: Trabant
A real car to spend good time: Trabant