Rugby Klub Bratislava is honoured to announce our new player: Emile De Block (aka Blockie). The 21 years old Belgian comes on loan until January from the biggest club of Belgium: Dendermondse Rugby Club. For our club it’s the most expensive transfer after we bought Daniel Carter. Of course he isn’t that good as Carter because all the French fries he eats and the beer he drinks. We had a interview with the Muscles from Brussels (With a microscope you can see them very well).

Emile De Block - Rugby Klub Bratislava
Emile De Block – Rugby Klub Bratislava

Emile De Block - Rugby Klub Bratislava

Hi Emile, Welcome to our lovely club! What the hell are you doing in Bratislava?

Hi. Well I am an Erasmus student and I am here to “study”. At least that’s what my parents and teachers think. We all know the real name of this city: Partyslava. I have to admit, Bratislava isn’t that popular in Belgium. But I have chosen this city for the adventure, the cheap beer and the lovely stripsters.

I understand you. How did you get in contact with our club?

Well I play already 10 years rugby in Belgium. I knew that I would become fat on Erasmus when I wouldn’t do sport. I also love playing rugby and I looked a nice opportunity to play abroad. So I did some research on the internet and when I typed “Rugby Bratislava” in Google, I found immediately your club. On your website, I could see what rugby mean to you guys: Teamwork, Discipline and Friendship. It looked me great to meet new people while doing my favourite sport.

And so you arrived at Bratislava! How was your first training?
Although Bratislava is as small as a farmers village, I didn’t know where to go. Maxime (also know as Big Mac, I mean Big Max) was so kind to pick me up at my apartment. When I first arrived I thought I had to be a babysitter. There were only kids of 8-10 years old. But a couple of minutes later the big guys came on the pith. That’s what’s nice about this club. Everybody is welcome we train with funny children, strong men but also pretty girls like our Greek sunshine Olympia. That what’s rugby is about. It’s a sport for everybody, where discrimination doesn’t exist. Fat,small,ugly.. or just French we accept each person.

Did the group except you? Because I Belgian, you guys are only good in making chocolate and beer.

Yes, there were very kind. Although we all come from different countries: Slovakia, France, Spain, New Zealand.. once we arrive at the club we are one team. The training was a good mix of skill exercises, physical exercises and some contact. But I have to warn you, Charlie is really a sadist. I enjoy the drill you as hard as he can.

At the 16th of September you made your debut for Klub Bratislava, how did it feel?

To be honest, I was bad prepared. The night before the game I was still partying in Budapest. I took a bus straight to Vienna and I arrived just at time. First I thought we had to play in the big stadium but apparently it’s the football stadium of Rapid Wien.
I had to play with number 13 (2nd center), I never played that position normally I play flanker. We started great at the game. Everybody was very focused though it was for some guys their first game. From the beginning I could see that some guys as Richie, Max, Tom and Charlie had a lot of experiences and skills. We were a mix of beginners and experiences players. After 20 minutes we were leading with 5-12. Sometimes or Defence was very disciplined. I was happy that I could help the team with a try. But at the end it were some stupid mistakes that caused the defeat.
But apparently there were some guys of the Austrian National team playing for ARC Leoben.
We still have to learn a lot but the most important thing was, that we have fighted until the end.

Great, let’s go for a win the next game. Thank you for this interview. For the people that are reading this article , what would you like to say against them?

First of all, I am honoured to play Rugby Klub Bratislava. I think this Klub as a big future. Rugby is a growing sport everywhere in the world. And I think this club will represent Bratislava and Slovakia in the world. Maybe in 5 year they will win the Heineken’s cup.
This club can use any player. The guys are already 5 years hard working for letting this club grow. Despite the club isn’t rich, they count on the goodwill of volunteers. Who are putting their heart in this club. This club can only grow, if there coming more and more people coming. It doesn’t matter how old you are or that you never played rugby. Don’t be afraid, come once and you will see how much fun it is. You will become our friend, because that’s what we are. After training, games or on a friday night we grab a beer together and we have so much fun!
Be one of us!

Rugby Bratislava! Rugby Bratislava! Rugby Bratislava!

“Rugby is a game all about teamwork and support.
To go forwards you must go backwards”