Group picture Rugby Klub Bratislava - Rugby Club Birkenhead
Group picture Rugby Klub Bratislava – Rugby Club Birkenhead

The Rugby Klub Bratislava hosted touring British team Birkenhead on Saturday the 12th of May 2018. Boasting a full and large squad this would represent RKB’s sternest test match to date and that’s precisely how it was.

The first half definitely favoured the visitors and Birkenhead, who were solid in defence, as well as being well organized in attack punished any home mistakes and some missed tackles ended with tries. With temperatures reaching 30 degrees Celsius and the opposition frequently asking the touch whether “it was normal” this time of year- their depth in numbers on a scorching day for beautiful rugby paid rich dividends.

The second half was a much more balanced affair and towards the end of the game, and in spite of having precious few substitutes to call from, the home side, RKB was able to strike and score precious points for some much deserved glory amid gracious praise from the opposition who were pleasantly surprised by the level show by the local club.

The final score is huge, but largely irrelevant as the experience for those who participated was invaluable.
The after match revelry certainly matched the occasion and there are very few opportunities that come close to the bonding in the third half of a rugby match. The glasses were more than half full.


Final score: RKB 26 – 102 Birkenhead


Full match


Forwards: Konstantin, Palo, Paul, Giuseppe, Evzi, Big Maxime, Oriol, Rich SK

Backs: Tom, Charlie, Slavo, Julius, Martin, little Maxime,

Trainers: Zulf, Richie

Referee: Martin


Lineup - RKB VS Birkenhead
Lineup – RKB VS Birkenhead

The barbecue was fantastic, atmosphere terrific, and a lot of beers were provided, as well very charliecious sausages to our hosts.

the grill zone is a friendly place
the grill zone is a friendly place

We were very pleased to welcome such gentlemen from England, and for some members it was like receiving a piece of their country and the middle of the Central Europe, pretty amazing.

Barbecue with Bratislava rugby and Birkenhead
Barbecue with Bratislava rugby and Birkenhead