Rugby Club Donau Wien – Rugby Klub Bratislava
Rugby Club Donau Wien

Rugby Club Donau Wien – Rugby Klub Bratislava

The RK Bratislava has accepted the invitation from the RC Donau Wien for a rugby test match XV.

It was our first trip outside of Slovakia in 2018, under a warm sun, on a synthetic grass very modern but reflecting the heat and we could feel immediately the effects.

As usual, the RKB is not able to handle the first 20 mn, and RC Donau scored easy tries with wide open game on the wings. We set uncontested scrum for a friendly fixture, cause we wanted to focus on the open game instead.

On the second half, the match was more balanced, with good tries and kicks from both side. Our kept ball more often with more phases, and try to play in the 22m of the RC Donau to put pressure. Thanks to this new strategy, we have scored a lot of tries the last 20 mn of the match, and set a descent final score 44 to 33 in favor of RC Donau, which was not expected at all starting with a very tight squad.

We are pleased RC Donau give us few players to complete our squad, and as well one player from Celtic Vienna.

Our next match would be against Slovan in two weeks, for a derby fixture.

A big thanks to Zulf for coaching our squad, and Richie for coaching and playing despite his wife has forbidden him to even walk on the pitch.


In case you might be interested in rugby, or you may know friends who could be, drop us a message:

FB pic – RC Donau 44 – 33 RK Bratislava