Are you looking for an exotic sport which will make you handsome, and in great shape ?

Rugby Klub Bratislava recruitment 2018
Rugby Bratislava squad during the half-time, following the advises of the coach

Try rugby

What for ?
Rugby is a team sport where most of the people stay for the group and meet friends.
Also in the Rugby Klub Bratislava, it’s the only place on earth where you can meet people from different environments, cultures, and locations.

Why ?
Rugby is more than a sport, a community. It gives a discipline to train, to attend the matches, and to deal within a group with emotions and tactics.

For who ?
Rugby may have a reputation and a picture for a gladiator but not only (even if the main coach is a machine).
That contact sport requires mainly a mental strength, as many people think all the muscular body builder in the gyms in Bratislava would be interested. Totally wrong, as most of those people are focused about individual development, rugby is a team work.
Anyone willing to work in a group and get involved with regular trainings on Wednesday would fit to the squad.