Former Wallabies winger Drew Mitchell was grilled on the Fox Sports player mic during the Classic Wallabies vs Classic Fijians game at the Sydney 7s tournament over the weekend, and it was comedy gold. In what could be a first, Mitchell not only had a mic but an earpiece too.

It was a unique idea and the slightly laid-back atmosphere seemed like the perfect opportunity to try out this concept. The huge amount of tape over his ear might need a little work though.

As expected, Sean Maloney and company gave him a lot of stick from the safety of their commentary box, calling him out for making “the first tackle of his career” on former Wallaby Radike Samo, then for making a mess of an errant bounce pass.

Of course, Mitchell took it all in stride and seemed to enjoy the experience. He even managed to score a try, much to the chagrin of his pals upstairs.