Rugby Bratislava

Are you interested in playing rugby?

Rugby Klub Bratislava is looking for new players aged 11-16. Total beginners welcome. Come and give rugby a try!

Who can play rugby?

Rugby is a great sport that is suitable for everyone – all shapes and sizes. Small or large, fast or strong – it takes all different kinds of people to make a good team. Although full rugby is a contact sport, very young players and beginners play ‘touch rugby’ with no tackling.


What are the benefits?
Rugby is great for teenagers as it involves careful training, control and self-discipline. Regular exercise, keeping a schedule and working in a team towards a goal can help teenagers develop skills for life. It improves physical fitness, both the cardiovascular system and muscle endurance. It also reduces stress and improves mental health and anxiety; by being a good outlet for frustrations, belonging to a team, releasing endorphins from exercise, being out in the fresh air and from the social interaction.

What’s involved in rugby training at Rugby Klub Bratislava?
Rugby training takes place on Wednesday evenings at 18.00. It always starts with a warm up, which normally consists of throwing and catching exercises. Then there is fitness training with running and stretching; followed by coaching in tackling techniques, passing or positioning tactics. And finally we finish with a match.

Tomas, aged 13, tells us why he likes Rugby Klub Bratislava
“I’ve been going to Rugby Klub Bratislava for more than 18 months. The best thing about the training is that everyone is friendly and welcoming, and always make you feel comfortable. It’s interesting because there are lots of nationalities in the club and everyone is different. Plus the training is in English, Slovak and French so it’s fun to hear all the different languages. Since going to RKB, I’ve gained fitness and confidence. It’s well organised and the trainers are friendly and passionate about rugby. I’ve also enjoyed watching the progress of new players. It would be great to have more players my age, especially at the moment as I feel that the training with adults is a bit too long for our age group.”

What do the parents’ think?
“As a parent, we can see how much Tomas enjoys playing rugby and how it has benefited him. Since playing rugby, Tomas has become much more confident, fitter and really enjoys the exercise. Whilst RKB is still growing the number of young players, Tomas has really benefited from playing with the adults and has really appreciated the friendly and supportive atmosphere. We expect coaches at RKB to act as good role models for teenagers, and to help them develop skills and characteristics through rugby that will also help them in their everyday lives, such as self-discipline and team work. We know that RKB is really committed to making the club a success and we hope it will continue to grow.”

RKB’s first youth tournament
Tomas and other young RKB players recently took part in a tournament here in Bratislava with 2 other Slovak youth teams. It was a great success. Tomas said, “It was really good fun playing with kids of the same age as we don’t yet have enough kids to do that properly at training. It was exciting to see there are lots of other kids playing rugby in Slovakia. Come and give rugby a try – there’s a place everyone.”

Rugby Bratislava