3 clubs in Rajecká Lesná, Zilina region for a Rugby team building

On Saturday 30th April, Zilina Rugby organized a rugby training in the mountains of the Zilina region, with the participation of Piestany and Bratislava.

In the evening, we have shared a grill dinner outside, in the deep cold of the mountains, surrounded with a beautiful forest, peaceful on the hill. Late in the night, there was probably more beer than water in the river… but what happens in Rajecká Lesná stays in Rajecká Lesná :).

Indeed, the day after, we got prepared for a little rugby 7s Zilina vs Piestany, running through a random pitch, with high grass, located in the front of the ski track. Running like that was like playing more than one match rugby 7s.

The atmosphere was great, and the organization too. We are great full of Zilina Rugby for preparing this event.

See you on the pitch for 1. liga the 15th May

Charlie – tourist in Rajecká Lesná


Pictures on FB Rugby Team Building with Zilina, Piestany, Bratislava