So close to win, so close to loose.

The shock between Slovakia and Israel shows an amazing suspense, finishing with a same score 10:10.

The first half was in favor of Slovakia, by mastering all sectors of rugby. Scrum was better than before, and Israel with a lighter pack couldn’t resist, even on their introduction. The line out was pretty good, our backs made good choices with long kicks for playing in the Israel’s side. Leading by 10 : 5 at the pause, we knew it would be a real challenge to keep the leadership of the match.

The second half was clearly mastered by Israel, while Slovakia resisted in their 40m. Scoring a second try, which could be contested by a forward pass, Israel went back at the same level 10:10 with few minutes remaining. Tribunes was at the sound of Slovakia, as we can hear supporters to chant ”Slovakia, Slovakia, Slovakia”. This 16th man helps us to counter all the loads with very tonic Israelian players.

It’s a very positive result for U18 Slovakia, and we are now looking forward the next match against Malta to may be get our first victory of this tournament.

Charles – assistant coach for Slovakia U18



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