After waiting 35 mn in railway station, due of an unexpected delay of our train, Bratislava and Piestany went to Vienna in a friendly atmosphere. For some players, as for Paul and Albéric, we could feel the pressure for their first real tournament. Good mention of Slavo, new adult player, who made effort to participate at this event, after only one training with us.

Piestany came with an experienced squad, quite funny to say that after a year of hard working from Filip and Terry. When we remember in 2014, starting from a blackout a new rugby team in Piestany, those players came for providing their knowledges of rugby 7s Juniors competition, and their fighting spirit.

Competing against Vienna IS, RC Donau, and St Gilgen, our squad of 8 players only was too tight for expecting high results, as Pavlo had to watch us after the first match, when he got big shock to his noise. He was blooding often, and in this situation, it’s forbidden to allow someone playing with this injury. The fighting spirit again was so great, our opponents were struggling to score, and wasted so much energy in the rucks.

Great mention for everyone, who has been involved in this friendly event in Vienna. I truly believe it remains a great memories for everyone, and potentially attract new juniors in the future, for both teams.



Es war ein Spiel auf Augenhöhe. Unsere Jungs haben toll verteidigt und sich viele Bälle erobert.

Kleine Fehler auf Bratislava und Piestany Seite ermöglichten dem österreichischen Teams aber dennoch vereinzelt erfolgreiche Durchbrüche.

Das Spiel war für mir zugleich eine erste Standortbestimmung, um abzuschätzen, wo ihre Mannschaft im europäisch Vergleich steht. Jetzt gilt es für uns, akribisch weiter zu arbeiten.

Facebook Pictures of Vienna Rugby 7s Tournament Juniors

Junior squad

Rugby Bratislava