The Rugby Klub Bratislava went to Vienna, to play against Stade de Vienne for the first time.

Stade de Vienne vs Rugby Klub Bratislava - rugby XV
Stade de Vienne vs Rugby Klub Bratislava – rugby XV

The remaining team of Vienna has hosted us this week end for a friendly match, on their pitch in Vienna North. After coming to the ground with our children, the adults stepped on that grass.

The first 20 mn was totally on the advantage of Stade de Vienne. Poor tackles on our side, Stade has played wide and find easily gap into our weak defense. Attacking, we werent’ able to clear the rucks and hold the balls to play more phases. Facing turn over, we had no option to be dangerous, and it was one way match in favor of Stade.

At the end of the first half, our squad starting to wake up and hold the ball for longer phases, without scoring. But the new dynamic was there and finally we enter into our match, and proposed a better gameplay to Stade de Vienne.

Missing 8 players, it was not the best option to play at our best level, however we did the job, and make partnership with Stade de Vienne.

On the second half, we were able to propose a real rugby, with fair tackles, but still few weak actions in defense. In attack, we had to know each others, as we got additional players from Stade de Vienne, and our cohesion was a way better.

At 60′, Stade de Vienne fairly suggested to mix team, exchanging players from both side. I decided to switch most of our Slovak players, for them to discover a new team and new habits. It was a big change, with Miro on the wing (where we found his new position in the future), getting advantage and gaining meters on every ball he touched with Stade de Vienne. As Slavo switched to Stade de Vienne, he made the best tackle of the match, against us, catching big Max when he was the last defender – well done bro, you start playing fully once you have a pink shirt. David possibly get confidence surrounded with more experienced players, and was able to learn and gather konwledges.

We have finished with a cold & fresh third half, but warm, standing to the pitch straight after the match, as we couldn’t stay over the evening and coming back to Bratislava. I really appreciate the tea time, bananas and peanuts.

RKB man of the match: big Max. Fool play of the match: big Max with his classic high tackles.

Great mention to Jonathan for not filling the bottles and bringing them empty to the pitch, and Zulf for his random British sarcasms, making him the one to the loved.


Players: David, Oriol, Jonathan, Bix Max, Charlie Slavo, Jan, Miro, Paul, Tom, Robin

Coach: Zulf (ze bottles filler)

Two weeks to go for our first home match of Autumn 2018, against RC Donau-B.  Many things to improve, and too many things to mention as well, but all players make efforts to train and get better.


Great mention to Julien and Pascal from Stade de Vienne. Four of our active members will join the world rugby trainer courses next week-end, thanks to Stade de Vienne.

As well, I was please to talk to the ladies trainer of Stade de Vienne, where we have agreed on future common trainings with ladies and children. Thanks to Zulf and his easy way to get connection with smart people, we would deal as well with the adult side, to propose common training, at both clubs, in Vienna and Bratislava. It was a standing project in Rugby Klub Bratislava to add additional training on Saturday morning, and getting external support help to make it real.